Talentsouq strongly believes that in life we all should strive for continual learning and self-development. Therefore, the Talentsouq Training Hub was created for individuals that are who willing to learn more and expand their horizons. Our goal is to create new or strengthen each skills and knowledge that an individual has in order to make them an asset to any business.

Free Weekly Seminars

If you are looking to learn more about the UAE Job Scene and information regarding job portals and the realities of job seeking, our free weekly seminars will surely be beneficial to you.

UAE Job Market
Job Portals and Why they are Important
Creating Your Own Talent

Courses for Advanced Accounts and Premium

Our advanced and premium account holders are entitled courses which helps them increase their knowledge in Human Resource and in turn increase their chances of getting employed.

CV Writing
Career Planning and Development
HR Mock Interviews
Personality Development

Web Development and Programming related courses

These courses involves the creation and development of a website, besides web development; programming or the process of writing computer programs is also taught.

Web Development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap , Jquery , PHP)
Programming in PHP
Programming in Java
Programming in C++
Programming in C#

Corporate HR

Involves strategies, policies, procedures and acquisition. This course focuses on aligning HR with the business needs and towards overall development of the organization.

HR Administration
HR Talent Acquisition Management


Marketing is all about reaching your potential clients and Talentsouq believes that Social Media is the most powerful type of marketing in our world today hence, our marketing course heavily focuses on Social Media, our courses will help increasing the brand awareness and increase your reach.

Social Media Management
Branding and Public Relations
Applied Psychology

These courses bring in the use of psychological methods and analysis to help solve behavioral difficulties in a corporate setting.

Personnel Assessment Using Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
Counselling Strategies and Techniques in the Workplace
Choosing Happiness: A Workshop of Understanding & Managing Emotions


Our partnered institution, International Finance Review Studies (INFRES) is formed to broaden knowledge relating to finance with certification which acts as an arm of Institute of Global Education and Management (IGEM).


Our partnered institution, Philippine Middle East CPA Review (PMECPAR) prepares students for CPA licensure exams through lectures and reviews.

CPA Review