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Full time

Here in Talentsouq, we offer opportunities to those individuals seeking a fulltime job here in the United Arab Emirates. You can easily find job openings in our website provided by our registered partner companies. Fresh graduates, freelancers or interns who wish to convert into seeking for full time jobs are welcome to register with Talentsouq. Fulltime jobs grant employees the rights to fixed schedules, insurances, salaries and benefits and much more. With the seminars and trainings we offer, Talentsouq will not only help you increase your chances of employment but also help you prepare for the fulltime job that awaits you.


Talentsouq offers a wide variety of employment to those who have more flexible time schedules. Registered talents can find jobs that are suitable to their needs. Part timers, or employees who are not committed to fulltime jobs can pursue Talentsouq to search the variety of part time jobs available provided by our trusted companies. With this part timers will have the opportunities to open its door to other projects and activities and many more of its benefits. Talentsouq also welcomes students who are willing to work and study at the same time, as this will also be your chance to build your networks and in the near future grab a fulltime job with the help of Talentsouq.


TalentSouq is also open to self-employed freelancers who are not committed to any full-time jobs. Short-term jobs can be applied for and viewed by any account member basic, advanced and premium. Applying as a freelancer will grant you the same benefits as a full-time job seeker, such jobs include graphic designer, photographer or video editor. Freelancers must have valid visa as per terms and conditions, TalentSouq is not responsible for any transactions between third party.

Performing Arts

Specialized form of art where people perform in front of a live audience. TalentSouq also provides opportunities for these gifted job seekers, such jobs can range for a dancer, models or even a part-time singer. The same features are given to job seekers which do such jobs. Artists must have valid visa and TalentSouq is not responsible for any transactions between third party.


Current students and recent graduates can view and apply for internship positions with our trusted companies as well. Internships can prepare candidates for the corporate world and seize the opportunity of getting absorbed into the company. Students especially have the ability to be viewed in our CV list and have the chance to be selected by top employers in the UAE. Terms and conditions apply.